Support private cloud customized services

• Support private cloud deployment
• Customize product UI design according to needs
• Customize enterprise back-end management address


Rich and easy to use

•No training required, easy to use
• Choose video layout or monitoring layout as needed
• Multiple conference role settings to make the conference more efficient


Sharing function

• Customize the shared screen range
• One-click sharing of network disk audio and video files
• One-click live broadcast, custom live broadcast layout


Cloud management, easy maintenance

• Web background to directly view the list of corporate meetings and arrange meetings
• One-click import of the organizational structure is more convenient
• Share meeting files on the network disk, access at any time

Why choose Huawan?

HD video and audio
Stable and reliable

Buy on demand
Super cost performance

Support 10000 people
Super Conference

Not limited by space
Not limited by terminal

High standard encryption
More secure data

Ultra high compatibility
Existing hardware is not wasted

Free Trial