Freely customized according to needs

• High-definition video and high-quality audio
• Up to 100 guests interact with the audience and use virtual backgrounds
• Can attract up to 10,000 attendees


Participants are highly involved in the meeting

• Chat: Set up private and group member chat settings for attendees and group members
• Attendees raise their hands: Real-time feedback by raising their hands under silent conditions to increase participation
•Questions and answers and polls: Manage and share in the "Q&A" dialog Audience questions, participants can reply in real time or text


Complete and diverse functions

• The host can control the participants to mute or unmute, record and other functions
• Support dual screens to display the sharer and shared data at the same time
• Register participants and record past conferences


Easy to manage

• Easily manage meetings through a tablet
• Customize the registration interface to increase brand awareness
• Can be embedded in Outlook, make appointments and send meeting invitations

Why choose Huawan?

HD video and audio
Stable and reliable

Buy on demand
Super cost performance

Support 10000 people
Super Conference

Not limited by space
Not limited by terminal

High standard encryption
More secure data

Ultra high compatibility
Existing hardware is not wasted

Free Trial